Thursday, 31 May 2012


I wore this to uni and then a job interview for Colette. Fingers crossed I got it! Then I can get more piercings!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Head Scarves

When my hair was longer, I used to tie a long, thin scarf around my head, tie it to one side, and braid it in with the rest of my hair. Now I have to figure out how to wear one with my short hair.
I love the weaving technique shown in the picture with the black and white scarf. I wanna try that one day, that is, if I ever have long hair again!
My friend took this of me while I was playing

4 am

An illustration for my original song: "4 am"

Keeping them in

Home is where my heart is

Weeping window

Hair n Jeans

Music says what I cannot

Purple skirt

Floral grunge

I made this floral chiffon dress two years ago. I think it was one of the first dresses I made by draping. I haven't worn it in so long.

Melbourne cup day

I made and wrote toss purple floral dress for Melbourne cup day

Winter wool

This is a batwing jumper dress I made two years ago, worn with my wedge booties

Snaps can be studs too

I made this dress from snap fasteners

My Miishy baby doll dress worm with my forever new blazer

Purple floral bustier.
I made this last year, but i'm thinking of re doing it with boning so it'll stop slipping off.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Monday, 28 May 2012

Oversized sunnies

Oversized half frame


Ribs n rumps

My rump steak with creamy mushroom sauce

Before ribs n rumps

Thrifted sweater
Baby doll plaid shirt dress from MYER

Cat eyes

These finally arrived! I can see again!

Incredibly beautiful

Says the shirt (forever 21)
Thrifted maxi skirt. It needs to be taken in, so in the mean time I safety pin it.

You go, boyfriend!

Thrifted men's blazer
Kenji baby doll plaid shirt dress from MYER
And my cat eye glasses

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Mother's day

Mum loves baking more than anything. so I drew this for her. I tend to give drawings as gifts. Not sure if I come off cheap or sentimental.