Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Yeah you do

Doing a Friends-a-thon.


Holy Basil fried ice cream from Shark Hotel.
I'm craving it.


I was bored on the train when I took this. I love this.


Moochi froyo.


Drinking from my bro's mug.
I love that she has it!!!


A book on the grass

 First reading spot at uni.

Second reading spot at uni.


Monkey finger puppet from Simply Alpaca. It's where The Candy Shop is in Leura.

Easter at the Blue Mountains

 Zig Zag railway station in the fog.

This was at the hotel I stayed at.

 So pretty in Autumn.

 Breakfast. So good.

 Fried ice cream.
I waited 40 minutes for this, but that crumbed cookie-like outside was kinda worth it...

Chocolate from Josophan's.


Singer sewing machine that I saw at St Vinnies! I was so tempted to buy it... only 200 bucks! So pretty.........

Healthy...-ish breakfast

I wonder if other people combine different cereals too...
Weet-Bix + Froot Loops + Just Right = healthy...-ish breakfast

Profiterole cupcake

Made by mama. It's made from four mini profiteroles stacked on top of a vanilla cupcake. So good, but so bad. Ahhhhh.

And I'm back!

I haven't been using any of my sites (blogger, tumblr, youtube, soundcloud, deviantart) in ages. Let's see how long I can last this time!

Time to update with photos...

I'm trying out a shoulder-length bob with a straight fringe at the moment.
And I got my nose pierced!

The necklace was from Diva, and the shirt was from Cotton On. I've been finding myself shopping there a lot lately.